Thanks to a pretty vicious attack from spambots (imagine the digital equivalent of brain tumors), currently I’m in the process of rebuilding the BGP website. Going through the damage done to the previous CMS’ database was like editing footage from the L.A Riots of ’92.

Although these spambots were good, luckily it was Amateur Night when they found and used that exploit. Aside from all the garbage and spam they jammed into the backend database, my articles and stories were still intact! As a result I’ve managed to recover them and will be slowly reposting them again over the coming weeks.

My mother taught me how to see everything as either a Blessing or a Lesson Learned. Everything happens for a reason. As this new site comes together I feel it is also indicative of new vision onboard this merry ship on the high seas. Amidst the financial mayhem of 2009, BGP and its associates will thrive.

Take care and thanks for your patience.

— Max Nomad