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There will be no hype — the mayhem speaks for itself:


Book Description (going on the back of the full cover design):

Throughout our lives, the computers we use become information portraits of ourselves: a montage of our thoughts and activities. As long as everything appears to be in place we take their safety for granted, often forgetting about the threats they face from cyberspace.

Information Security is often overlooked — until your computer starts acting funny. Or a rash of purchases from California to Croatia appears on your credit card statement. That’s when the shock hits like a punch; your secrets have been stolen…

In tech jargon, a zombie refers to a computer that has been infected with a virus that allows a cybercriminal to gain control of it without your knowledge. Secretly pulled into digital armies, these malware-driven zombies are used for everything from sending spam to extortion to sophisticated cyberheists. Like their undead counterparts, their relentless instinct to feed on people is surpassed only by the speed at which their contagion spreads.

“Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” is an armchair safari into the world of cybercrime, written for everyday PC and Mac users. This book exposes the motives behind the mayhem — and the methods to protect against zombies, identity theft and other forms of cyberattacks.


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