About BGP

“At Spirit Cruises we have always prided ourselves on high-quality promotional materials. [Max] was the Creative Director who met those standards with our original websites and balanced it with the finesse of our print work. I thank [he and his team] for their high standards. They set the tone for our sites that still exists to this day.”

      ~ D. Porter,  V.P. of Marketing (retired), Spirit Cruises, Inc.


Bohemian Griot (pronounced ‘gree-oh‘) is a small, Virginia-based Creative Boutique that specializes in Graphic Design, Branding and Custom Publishing. Founded in 2001, BGP’s mission is to Tell Your Story — in any medium, whether it’s in print, on the web, or producing mixed media content.

Sometimes that story is meant to sell your name. Your mission. Your products and services. And sometimes your story belongs in a brochure, on a postcard, in a short promo video — or even in the pages of a book.