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  1. For the sake of brevity, I purposely left out some details. I felt they would probably serve to add more confusion instead of making things clearer for the novice. While it’s true that SVG can also embed raster graphics (just like with other vector formats like .ai, .eps, and .fh), this article was meant for the average person that doesn’t know much of anything about graphics. Aside from that, most Graphic Designers wouldn’t need the info about embedded raster images because they’d either already know it or savvy enough to figure it out on their own. 😉

  2. Your “Vector Test” needs clarification. The uneducated person may read it and think, “oh, i’ll just open my logo in Photoshop, save it as an EPS, and voila, it’s vector.

    You fail to mention that AI, EPS, FH & PS files can be fully vector OR fully raster OR a combination of both.

    • Thanks for the comment, Billy. Actually, I didn’t fail to make mention about fully vector or fully raster or both. Like I said in my previous comment, “For the sake of brevity, I purposely left out some details. I felt they would probably serve to add more confusion instead of making things clearer for the novice.”

      And although you’re right about an ‘uneducated’ (untrained) person possibly trying to open a logo in Photoshop and saving it as an EPS thinking it’s now vector, here’s another take on that. (1) Short of using a pirated copy of Photoshop, most untrained people aren’t going to have that package — because they’re not going to be prone to spend a few hundred dollars on a program they don’t know how to use. (2) If an untrained person is accessing Photoshop on someone else’s machine, more than likely they’re have that person’s help. (3) If a person knows how to use Photoshop, s/he already knows the difference between Raster and Vector images. (4) Worst-case scenario, an untrained person might make that “Save as EPS” mistake once and it won’t be long before some Graphic Designer or professional at a printshop will set them straight.

  3. Hi, that’s great – I’m writing, have been writing since ’94 a thing on how to speak English like an american speaker. It’s just a lot of sounds and how to do it. At one point I met a student I tutored who was a tech at Intel and I let him put it on his computer to see what would happen. The form he did was really amazing – 3d and easy to see and read. We both swore he wouldn’t reveal it and I wouldn’t tell Intel he used their stuff to try it out on. He told me all of asia would die to have this information which I half believed. So now I’m about finished and have done a lot more since then. I think this would be a sort of thing you’d put on a cd.
    Do you think any publisher would be interested in this and how do I find one.

  4. Is it advisable for someone; without a degree or close to perfect writting skills, but a good idea and a rough mauscript to persue publishing a novel?

    • Thanks for the question!

      Whether you’re talking about self-publishing a novel or pursuing a traditional publishing deal, in both cases the only valid answer is that it depends on the manuscript itself. I say that because if a novel is marketable, it’s marketable, regardless of what literary condition it was in at the very beginning. After the average publisher is comfortable that a manuscript is marketable then its time to look at whether or not its cost effective to pair one or more editors with that writer to whip the manuscript into shape. That’s where the talent of the writer and quality of the writing comes into play. Think of it like that show “Dancing with the Stars”. They pair up celebrities and athletes with a dancing coach, train them up a bit, and then let them compete on the dance floor. Really, anyone that can stand and move without physical assistance could do it but the show’s producers don’t have that kind of time to invest in the train up. Some ability already has the be there.

      All that said, if I were in your shoes I’d focus on refining the manuscript. That’s the key. Make sure the story is tight with some interest plot-conflict arcs. Without a completed manuscript, everything else is a waste of time.

      Best of luck on your quest!

  5. Max, thank you 100 times. I am a student, only 4 weeks in class and I just couldn’t understand and couldn’t find my answer.Thanks to you I not only have my answer but I understand the difference between raster and vector based images. Again, thank you so much.

    • You’re quite welcome, Rosie! I’m glad the article helped you out. If you have any other questions about graphics, feel free to ask. Who knows, it might be the inspiration for another article. 😉

  6. Hi,

    It’s been over a year now by the date in the heading. Did you ever finish the piece? If so, I would like to read it.


    • Greetings, Q,

      During that particular trip, in between sleeping off stretches of Poker and Crown Royal, I managed to write close to 5,000 words worth of notes. Part of those notes became this article, the rest remained tucked away in my drafts folder. Upon returning home I was immediately pulled into several design projects and a fundraiser, followed by spending December in Los Angeles. Someday I’ll get back around to shaping Part II into a publishable article. Thanks for reading!

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  8. Max,

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